All Aboard The Shane Train!

About me
Hey there, I’m Tea the Dog. This is a small introduction about me and what this is all about…

Call me Tea or T! I’m a female student living in the United Kingdom, more specifically Britain!

What I do!
I’m a blogger, mostly touching on critiques, offer challenges for furries, writing prompts and more, and they’ll all be collectively on this one blog. Pretty neat. I’ll also be posting them on Furry Amino page for people to see.
I’m also an artist or animator in my spare time, I enjoy drawing for the furry community by doing anthros and my fursonas. I also roleplay occasionally! I could say I’m a gamer, but I’m much more into tamer games like Animal Crossing, Mario Kart, Fantasy Life, Legend of Zelda and so on.

Furry Community and my Fursonas
I’ve been in the furry community for a while and absolutely adore it. It’s such a kind and friendly community and it’s great to really invest yourself in what they do! I have two fursonas, one is called Tea and she is an Australian Shepherd, which is quite ironic since I’m British. Australian Shepherds are a gorgeously patterned breed with a lovely personality. Tea is who I aspire to me, so some features of myself are enhanced to what I wish I was like. She’s more of my main -sona. November is my second, and she’s a hybrid fox-wolf and she is me to a T. If you know me, you know her. When I’m older, I’m really eager to order a fursuit, it seems like such an incredibly fun idea, what with conventions.

Thank you for reading my introduction page.



Art Critiques

NOTE! This is written to be spoken aloud so might not sound right at parts.

Arty – design

First sona review today is Arty the Lammergeier (lammer-guyer). They requested for me to review only their design. First impressions, the palette is great and gives off a soft look. I’ll put up what a Lammergeier looks like on screen now, and a bit of insight… They’re also known as red bearded vultures. This is a very original species, and I haven’t heard of it before! After looking up what a red-bearded vulture was, I noticed that the design for Arty was very similar to the actual colouring of the animal. The fact that they chose the natural colouring was a good choice, the birds have a really pleasing aesthetic. I’d say the fact they used the hot colours like red, orange and yellow and didn’t change it, or add any blues or purples. Shades of red, orange and yellow give off a hot and vibrant nature and shows a more extroverted character. The one design choice I have noticed is the decision not to include pupils, and I think this is a great decision as it steers away from being completely from the breed, but it adds a more cute appeal to this character, which is a little strange since it should make it creepier. I would try and branch out from the design more, by perhaps adding accessories to add some more colour or help push their personality, such as a backpack to show they enjoy adventuring, but you don’t have to do this to convey a personality! It’s only optional.

Overall, this is a very pleasing design and very closely relates to the real species with not many changes.

Faron – art and design

The second sona is Faron, and they asked me to review their own and and their design of their character. Faron is a german shepherd/wolf mix – and I think this was the perfect choice of breed for her. From first impressions, she looks quite rough, and the fact that she’d depicted with profanity on her shirt or revealing clothes gives the impressions she hangs in the alleys a lot. And, obviously, from the cigarette she always seems to have.They have small dots of ‘moles’ that german shepherds generally have on the side of their face, which is quite good to confirm that she’s a hybrid of a dog and wolf. Her design is very simple, with the peachy-pink almost brown colours. It’s very pastel, and somehow reminds me of tumblr. She also seems to have blue eyeshadow, and that really compliments the peach, as well as the gold earrings which both show she might have some money, or stole them. Yellow, blue and pink really work well together, and the blue eyes also give it more colour. The brown eyebrows and nose give it more variety. I’d say to give her more blue, or yellow, further down her body so all the colour isn’t mainly on her face, or even add some of the dark brown. The white does well, but it isn’t enough. It might or will work if she’s wearing differently coloured clothes, though. Then again, the fact the colour is all on the face. The mane shows carelessness, in both the afro and over her face, and a sense of rebellion. It leaves a lot of questions about her history, the overall design is interesting. Now to review one of their full body art pieces of Faron. It seems very cartoony, and really pops. To shade I can see that you’ve used blue and yellow, which compliment her earrings and eye colour and was a smart choice. The overall piece has good anatomy. I’d say that the fur on the thighs look a bit strange, and almost looks like stuck on a pelt on fur. The head looks strange on the body because of the pose, and you can see she’s twisting her body but maybe too much, and the head shouldn’t directly be facing the left. There should be some work on the backgrounds but the linework is generally good. I’d say the shading on the muzzle and fur looks a bit dirty on the head, but still looks nice.

Overall, good character and good art!

Shisien – design

Shishien is the third sona I’ll be reviewing, and they are a deer and wolf hyrbid, which is quite ironic, and likeable! Same art pieces are inconsistent, so I can’t for sure say about some parts and others, but in general they have a dark blue and lighter blue on the chest and arms with bright pink stars around their body and their cheeks. The pink and blue don’t seem to go together that well, and they contrast, but it isn’t an eyesore. The specks of yellow on the nose and seen sometimes the shoulders too are a very good design choice and looks pretty. The blue and yellow give a sense of galaxy or stars, and reading up only a little on their general bio, its says they are spiritual and this is a great design choice. Though, the pink stars, if they were yellow, would be very effective. I say this because there already is a balance of the light blue, dark blue, and yellow along with the brown antlers but I’d say it would look better even if the pinks were less saturated or toned down, so they can be kept and not colour changed. I think it would also be better if the gauge she wore was not a yellow star but rather pink, like those on her body. Adding on to this, the face seems quite cluttered with the gauge, antlers, ear piercings, nose ring, speckles and two pink stars. I think if one of those things were removed it would feel more balanced out. I really like the scarf or bandanna that Shisien wears, it compliments the pink on the body. The plaits give almost an innocent look at the turquoise colour really matches with the light blue and dark blue body.

Overall, lovely design but some things may have to be altered for the colour palette.


Karu – design

Karu is an African wild dog, but doesn’t follow the natural pattern of an African Wild Dog. They use blue and pink almost paint splashes on the body and patches on the eyes. It’s very pleasing to the eye, but I would recommend changing the colour of the hair ONLY slightly to more of a brown. The colour of the hair is more red, and doesn’t relate to or really match the rest of the design’s colour palette and almost overwhelms it only a little. I would say something more related to the brown of the body or a brown from the tail would match more but I’d say you only have to alter it ever so slightly. The yellow eyes look nice with the blue and the pink. I would have to say that the pink in some images almost blends in with the brown fur, and can’t be seen, so I would recommend attempting to get that darkened in future pieces. Generally, the design is extremely appealing and nice! You can definitely see the African wild dog in them, as well as some appealing features of originality!

A very good character.

Hacker – bio   

Hacker has a really snazzy name with different symbols, which I can’t pronounce, so I’ll just be saying hacker! To start, the actual name is very effective. It shows that his own name is hacked. I’ll explain what I understood from their bio! They were an uncommon pathogen that was hacked while he was in production. When he was booted up, he became insane. He was forced to the hacker’s home, where he fell into sleep mode. I’m not sure why he was forced to the hacker’s home, but I’m presumed they set a task on him somewhere to do so. The hacker’s gave him technological advancements, as well as a software to give him human characteristics, expressions and their logo. I believe that here, they should expand on how they did this, and could into more detail about the inner workings of Hacker. Here was where I became confused, the writing wasn’t really clear why, but as the hacker was going to put a tracker on Hacker, cops showed up. It isn’t made clear why the police showed up while the tracker was being put on, whether it was a coincidence or not. Then, I believe the police tripped. I think they should be more specific on this part since it’s essential – on a cable, or over his own feet? Then, they turned Hacker on. I think they should also specify here how that happened – does Hacker have an ON/OFF switch, or do you have to use technology to turn him on? He became confused, and then ran away into the city. It says he was dangerous, but it needs to be said why. They then go on to say he learns his ‘powers’ and plays ‘pong’ all day. As cute as that part is, I think they should go into more detail about where and how for both of these things! Overall, the backstory is very solid at the start but falls apart at the end. The dislikes and likes are very well made. The one part in likes is ‘purple’ – I think in the dislikes bar you should specify why. I’m confused at one part as it says he dislikes rudeness, but his traits are ‘nice but overall mean’ and ‘slightly stubborn’, which contradicts itself.

This character’s bio is very interesting with an interesting concept but needs to be cleaned up.

Pastor C – art and design

Pastor C is a golden calf from the bible and the story of the golden calf. I’ll put up some quotes of the story and a summary. I, myself, am not religious so I can’t really have any religious say on this, but I’ll purely criticise the art and the design for this character! It says he represents a fake religion. The design itself is very appealing at first glance, which the brown cow which is the average colour and obviously represents the calf of the story, and the gloves. I can see his clothes are almost like a priest’s or vicar’s, and he has that band around his neck. I’m honestly quite hesitant to speak about the religious aspect of this but I’m certain that the pose he is in is related to a satanic pose from the devil or a demon, though I’m not entirely sure, and the eye that appears on him frequently may relate to something religious. I’m sure the pose and clothing he is wearing contradicts one another but I’m not certain. It’s clear the design for this character has been put in serious thought. The art itself is extremely well-made with clean colours and a crisp palette. The face of the cow itself is very effective, the shading of it is very nice. I think you should apply the same skill of shading on the torso and lower body on the clothes. On the sketches, the design is still apparent and effective. A great artist! I wish you luck with your comic.