All Aboard The Shane Train!

About me
Hey there, I’m Tea the Dog. This is a small introduction about me and what this is all about…

Call me Tea or T! I’m a female student living in the United Kingdom, more specifically Britain!

What I do!
I’m a blogger, mostly touching on critiques, offer challenges for furries, writing prompts and more, and they’ll all be collectively on this one blog. Pretty neat. I’ll also be posting them on Furry Amino page for people to see.
I’m also an artist or animator in my spare time, I enjoy drawing for the furry community by doing anthros and my fursonas. I also roleplay occasionally! I could say I’m a gamer, but I’m much more into tamer games like Animal Crossing, Mario Kart, Fantasy Life, Legend of Zelda and so on.

Furry Community and my Fursonas
I’ve been in the furry community for a while and absolutely adore it. It’s such a kind and friendly community and it’s great to really invest yourself in what they do! I have two fursonas, one is called Tea and she is an Australian Shepherd, which is quite ironic since I’m British. Australian Shepherds are a gorgeously patterned breed with a lovely personality. Tea is who I aspire to me, so some features of myself are enhanced to what I wish I was like. She’s more of my main -sona. November is my second, and she’s a hybrid fox-wolf and she is me to a T. If you know me, you know her. When I’m older, I’m really eager to order a fursuit, it seems like such an incredibly fun idea, what with conventions.

Thank you for reading my introduction page.


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